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Discover  Kids Cove

Sunday: 10:00a & 6:00p

New Born to 5th Grade

Come and See –  A unique space born from a vision to reach your children.

Come Explore –  a 9,000 sq/ft facility made especially for your kids!

Come Learn –  about the bible in an engaging way designed just for your  kids!


Come Play –  with activities like fun games and a tree house with a slide!

Come Worship –  with energetic and meaningful worship songs.

See Safety – in a place with safety at the forefront from check-in to check-out.

See Caring  –  from qualified and loving individuals as they invest in your children’s lives.

See God – Through the growth of your child. Our prayer is that your child’s life would reflect God as they grow in Him!   

 get connected

U  N  I  T  E

Sunday: 6:00p

6th to 12th Grade


LOVE –  The most important thing we can do to one another.

PLAY –  we realize that fun is fun and serving Jesus can be fun!

CONNECT –  We need each other.


SEARCH –  We may never uncover all of God’s wonder, but we won’t stop trying.

GIVE –  What we do with our time, experience, and efforts show what we worship.

EXPERIENCE – We realize God is bigger than West Virginia, we love going on mission trips and spiritual growth trips outside of WV.

BOND –  When we forgive and love we bind together.  

GROW –  We realize we are never sitting still we are either getting closer to God or farther away.

UNITE –  We want to bring others closer to God as we grow closer to Him.

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Sunday 10:00a

Wednesday 6:30p

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1 Shinnston, WV, 26431  

Physical Address:

511 Jewel City Blvd, Meadowbrook, WV, 26404

General Office Phone:

(304) 592-5678

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