Welcome to Next Steps

Thank you for taking the Next Step! Whether you are new to Jewel City Church, have been attending for years, are a new believer, or have been on your Christian walk for some time, everyone has a unique next step to take. Next Steps is the gateway at Jewel City Church for getting connected and involved in our mission as a body of believers. If you are interested in learning more about the church, joining a small group, or serving as a volunteer, Next Steps is for you! Next Steps is a simple, 3 step process to get involved.

STEP 1. We encourage you to set aside 15 minutes to watch the video below from Pastor Robert. In this step you will learn about our history, mission and vision at Jewel City Church, the importance of growth and service in your spiritual life, and how you personally can become more deeply connected to the body of believers and our Savior through a variety of ministry opportunities. After the video, please select the step you’re ready to take. Whether that is taking the Next Steps survey to begin serving or joining a group, we can’t wait to see you soon!

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